This section is for medical training facilities including doctors, universities and companies that are developing devices.


The Atlantic Group Health provides samples of cadavers or cadaver parts that are required to be used to conduct advanced surgical education and training in human tissue and for medical technology.

Our group provides an effective service as an accredited cadaver provider. Cadaveric specimens are not obtained from those who died through genocide and crimes against humanity. Following the expression of the countries' health ministries or international non-transplant tissue procedures and principles, respecting the donor and ethical rules. In addition to the testing of infectious diseases of all donors, using CLIA certified laboratories in research or educational organizations, prioritizing the safety of researchers, educators and clinicians; Therefore serology, hepatitis B - C, HIV 1 - 2 tests are done so cadavers have never contracted these diseases, a wide range of information about the donor is provided with a medical history and surgical history, cancer, heart health, bone health, and other factors.

The most realistic representative cadavers of human anatomy in all surgical branches, especially ASG, biomechanics, ENT, neurosurgery, orthopedics, sports medicine, and robotic surgery; provides cadaver samples to approved medical specialists. All kinds of tissues required to comply with special education programs.

Below you can find examples of Cadavers that we presented to the Medical and Dental Education and also to new Medical Equipment research companies.

Frozen Cadaver
Embalmed Cadaver
Pathological Cadaver
Real Human Bones and Skeleton
Full Body (Whole Body)
Cephalus w / Full Neck Anatomy (C7 / T1)
Head and torso (Torso w / Cephalus L3 / L4)
Chest Body (Cephalus) Intact body
Temporal bone
Leg Whole
Middle Femur-Foot Tip
Middle Femur - Middle Tibia and Fibula
Middle Tibia and Fibula to Toe
The Whole Brain
Proximal Femur Pelvis (L3 / L4) Intact
Pelvis - Foot Tip (L3 / L4) Together
Proximal Femur Pelvis, Lumbar Spine (T9 / T10) Intact
Shoulder with Arm (From Center of Clavicle to Finger Tip)
Body w / Cephalus (Middle Clavicle) - Embedded
All body without feet

Synthetic Simulation

Synthetic Simulation Anatomy Models provided by Atlantic Group Health contain skeletal, muscular and cartilaginous structures found in typical human anatomy. It is a full size head to toe anatomical model.

It is a highly realistic synthetic representation of human anatomy. This educational grade synthetic human includes bones, joints, muscles, organs and tendons found in human anatomy. Major nervous system and vascular components are also included.

We provide the most modern synthetic human and animal tissue analogs to replace live animals and cadavers in medical device studies, clinical training, and surgical simulations.

In addition, mechanical living tissues, bleeding and breathing synthetic humans and animals are also provided for use in surgical training, in addition to the whole body and parts.
It makes use of these analogues that simulate as close to reality as possible to achieve the goal of experiential learning for various types of medical education.

Synthetic Simulation Anatomy Models provided by Atlantic Group Health provide exceptional  learning opportunities for medical education and medical students.