Health Tourism

The number of people traveling for health tourism in the world is over 10 million. This number is over 15 million with medical tourism, thermal tourism, medical SPA, advanced age, and disabled tourism.

Together with the diversity of the tourism plan for the whole year of health tourism, Turkey continues to be an important and very detailed country. In the health sector, there are  48 of them, accredited by JCI and serving at international standards.

Turkey has thermal springs for medical tourism, thalassotherapy, alternative medicine, tourism as well as the elderly and disabled. In addition to the ease of vehicle transport by a local company that our company works with, transportations are also available by THY around the world to most destinations. The most ideal climates which are the sea, beaches, forests, and springs for health tourism are found in Turkey. Therefore Turkey is the perfect place for health tourism and health tourists. In 2011, the Foreign Patient Registration System provided services to all relevant foreign patients for health, such as University Hospitals, Education, and Research Hospitals belonging to the public and private sector.

Medical Tourism

Advanced treatments such as Cardiovascular, Brain and Nerve, Obesity, Urology, Radiotherapy, Cyberknife.
In vitro fertilization IVF applications – Infertility.
Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery.
Treatments such as eyes, teeth and dialysis.

Service Location: Health institutions and services such as Public, Private, University.

Elderly and Disabled Tourism

Busy therapies such as sightseeing tours, advanced tourism.
Nursing homes and rehabilitation elderly care services.
Rehabilitation services in the clinic room.
Special care and sightseeing tours for the disabled.

Service Location: Clinic hotels, recreation areas, holiday hotels and nursing homes.

Thermal Tourism and SPA-Wellnes

Spa treatments and physiotherapies.
Hydrotherapy and exercises.
Balneotherapy and Peloidotherapy.

Service Location: Spa and Spa centers.