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What We Do

Atlantic Group Health was established to assist and help the medical and the dental world. Our main objective is to supply the needs of hospitals, drug stores, universities, doctors, nurses, dentist, and anyone in the medical field including students of medicine and dentistry. 

We work together with manufacturing companies that make medical devices such as ventilators, respiratory devices, surgical devices, surgical instruments, medical monitoring equipment, medical staff clothing, medical staff protection, patient clothing, dental health supplies and dental health equipment. 

Atlantic Group Health is also a supplier of cadavers and synthetic cadavers for the purpose of education to medical students and for the purpose of the design and test of new medical devices.

Atlantic Group Health has partners working together with health tourism. Our company takes care of everything for you transportation and hotels.

Atlantic Group Health is also partner with plastic surgery one of our most popular is hair transplants. We take care of everything right till you get back home. Our partners are one of the best in the world.

Our company works in a variety of areas making us diverse and very competitive. We work for our clients.